William Painter


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“The SBDC helped guide us from an unorganized small entity into the streamlined, successfully funded company that we have become. They have been truly vital to our company’s success, and we will continue to rely upon the SBDC’s valuable guidance as we continue our expansion.”

-Matthew Decelles, CEO

Client Impact:

Areas of Assistance:

  • Capital Infusion: $780,000

  • Financing

  • Owner Investment: $100,000

  • Financial Modeling & Analysis

  • Accounting

Despite getting off to a very fast start in a fiercely competitive market, William Painter, Inc. hit a major financing roadblock that was making further growth extremely difficult. Without outside capital, the company’s significant progress would have been stopped in its tracks.

With various assistance from the SBDC including introductions to lenders, financial analysis, modeling, and accounting guidance, the client has raised well over $600,000 among bank loans, private equity, private loans and owner investment, and now has set its sights on reaching $5M in revenue.

Description of Business:

William Painter is an E-commerce company that manufactures and sells a self-branded line of upscale sunglasses, and their products have been featured in Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Maxim and Us Magazine.

Use of Capital Infusion Funds:

The Company utilized its funding to expand its product line and launch global marketing campaigns that have fueled the company’s expansion.


San Diego, CA

Aloha Fleet Services


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“Thanks largely to the SBDC, we landed the two biggest contracts in our company’s history and increased our profit margins by over 20%. We’re having our best year ever, and it simply would not have happened without their help.”

– David Tilbury, President, Aloha Fleet Services


Client Impact:

Areas of Assistance:

  • New Employees: 8

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Revenue: 26% increase

  • Sales Training

  • Profitability: 20% increase

  • Financial Models

  • Owner Equity Investment:$18,000

  • Permits & Licenses

  • Contracts: CA Highway Patrol, San Diego Unified

David Tilbury, Founder and President of Aloha Fleet Services, contacted the SBDC to help his company obtain new customers and increase sales.

SBDC advisor Jonathan Irwin worked with Aloha on a variety of strategies and training that enable the company secure contracts with the two largest customers in their history.

“We learned to deeply understand the sales process from the customer’s perspective, and within a matter of weeks we began winning contracts that we had never won before,” said Tilbury.

The improvements didn’t stop there. As with most small business owners, David had little experience in the financial management of a business. After analyzing the company’s job costs and profit margins, the SBDC helped increase profit margins by 20% and also created financial models that now give Aloha far greater control of its business and its profitability.

Additionally, the SBDC worked with Aloha to obtain required permits and licenses such as a Tax Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service and a Seller’s Permit from California’s Board of Equalization.

“I knew Aloha’s business inside and out from a similar company of mine on the East Coast that grew to $2M in revenue. With a little help from their friends here at the SBDC, I see no reason why Aloha can’t achieve the same success.”

– Jonathan Irwin, SBDC Business Advisor

Company Name:

Aloha Fleet Services

Description of Business:

Aloha provides vehicle maintenance and detailing services for commercial and government fleets throughout San Diego County including California Highway Patrol and San Diego Unified School District.


Encinitas, CA

Grant Marketing Group

The old adage that “the cobbler’s children have no shoes” is a huge problem for almost every small business.  Entrepreneurs typically run a lean shop – lots of work and few if any employees.  Their time is focused on delivering for their clients with precious little left to focus on growing their own business.

This was the position that Grant Marketing Group, a San Marcos based Internet marketing and web design agency found itself.  As Grant Marketing CEO Jeremy Fusselman put it this way, “I was spending far too much time “in” my business instead of “on” my business.”  His clients loved the job he did, but the business wasn’t growing the way he wanted it to.

Enter the San Diego and Imperial Valley SBDC with both an opportunity and an out-stretched hand of help. SBDC had been undergoing some exciting, but challenging changes and realized it needed a complete redesign of its Internet presence.  As the successful proposer on the project, Grant Marketing Group undertook the redesign and rebranding effort.

An experienced Internet marketer, Jeremy first got to know the SBDC – its staff, clients, and services. These would be the key to building a successful web presence and gaining another happy client.  What he did not expect was that exposure to the core practices of the SBDC would help him significantly revise his path as a business owner.

As important as an attractive, informative website is, it is no substitute for the hard, person-to-person marketing that grows most service businesses.  This personal contact is a hallmark of the SBDC and it has now been integrated into the Grant Marketing Group strategic plan.

As Grant Marketing Group continues to serve the SBDC’s Internet needs, Jeremy continues to build his networks as he prepares to take his business to the next level of success.   As Jeremy puts it, “Our project for the San Diego and Imperial Valley SBDC came at the perfect time for us to understand and implement the sound business growth strategies the organization imparts to our clients.”