Are you a successful business professional in San Diego or Imperial counties? Do you enjoy helping others succeed? If so, the SBDC has opportunities for guest bloggers to contribute to the SBDC blog. Your posts will help hundreds of local entrepreneurs and business owners learn valuable lessons that will help them become successful.

What are the benefits of becoming a guest blogger?

Other than providing a great service to those who can use your help, guest blogging has other benefits as well. Since the SBDC is a nonprofit resource that has helped thousands of business owners across the country, your involvement will help establish credibility within your field. Others will recognize you as an authority for the topics on which you post.

Though the SBDC strictly prohibits self-promotion on its blog, you will receive a link from your author signature to a web profile of your choice. Most authors link back to their own website. Google and other search engines view such links favorably and your web property may benefit from it in search results.

What topics does the blog cover?

Simply put, you can write about any business related topic that provides benefit to the reader. Our readers are mostly entrepreneurs and other business owners. Topics may include sales & marketing, management & leadership, accounting & payroll, international commerce, web design, digital marketing, business planning, employee relations, economics, work/life balance and motivation.

All posts will be reviewed and approved by SBDC staff. Posts cannot contain hateful or offensive material nor can they be self-promoting or contain links to other web properties. They must be written with proper usage, grammar and sentence syntax and should be scanned by a spell checker. Posts must be at least 450 words and should not be more than 2000. All content posted on the SBDC blog must be unique and will be cross-referenced with a plagiarism checker.

How do I inquire about guest blogging with the SBDC?

Send an email to with the subject title: Guest Blogger. Submit a Bio and give us a few topics on which you would like to write. Please provide examples of your work if available.