Drive Business Growth with Business Internet


Increased reliance on Internet-based technologies correlates to an increased need for reliable broadband with greater bandwidth. As a small/medium business, you’re constantly making choices of how best to spend your dollars to drive success. You might favor residential Internet services such as DSL or cable Internet to maintain low costs, but that may not be

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Volunteer for the SBDC


Becoming an SBDC volunteer is a hugely rewarding experience. You get to help build the business community within San Diego and Imperial counties, which helps the local economy. Our biggest need is for volunteer advisors in finance, but if you have a background in marketing, management, international commerce, manufacturing, law, administration, human resources and office

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Become a Guest Blogger


Are you a successful business professional in San Diego or Imperial counties? Do you enjoy helping others succeed? If so, the SBDC has opportunities for guest bloggers to contribute to the SBDC blog. Your posts will help hundreds of local entrepreneurs and business owners learn valuable lessons that will help them become successful. What are

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