Cookies Con Amore


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Client Impact:

Areas of Assistance:

  • Capital Infusion: $660,000

  • Obtained Financing

  • Owner Investment: $1.1M

  • Strategic Planning

  • Jobs Created: 10

  • Financial Modeling & Analysis

  • Credit Establishment


Owners Fernanda and husband Angelo Capraro were childhood friends from the village of Sant Elia in the south of Italy. Aside from their hometown, they had something else in common: both had grandmothers who baked incredibly tasty cookies using recipes handed down for generations. Fernanda, the lead baker, and Angelo took their love for cookies to California and ultimately launched what has become one of the fastest growing independent cookie manufacturers in the United States. Though the company has grown exponentially over the years, all orders are still baked with meticulous care in small batches at the company’s 33,000 square foot bakery in San Marcos, CA.

Description of Business:

Since its inception in 2005, Cookies con Amore and its gourmet Italian treats have grown from a small startup into a significant $4M company that does business with Whole Foods, Sprouts and major grocery retailers throughout the U.S. (

Use of Capital Infusion Funds:

The company utilized an SBA-backed loan to finance its relocation to a 33,000 square foot production facility.


San Marcos, CA 92078