From the House to a New Location – The Door and Window Consultants…

Finding an unmet need in a market is a time tested path to success, but capitalizing on the opportunity can be challenging. While working for various contractors and door installation companies, Randall Burger discovered one of these unmet needs. In an attempt to fill this niche, Burger created The Door & Window Consultants in 1980; a home-based business specializing in custom made door and window solutions.

Burger contacted the San Diego Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in February 2012 and met with business consultant, Michelle Burkhart. Burger’s focus at the time was to take his company to the next level. Burkhart’s past experience working with contractors, vendors, and employee related issues made her a perfect fit for The Door & Window Consultants. With so much information out there Burger credited Burkhart with being a, “walking encyclopedia of people who can help with websites, information, and a variety of things.”

As a single father, one of Burger’s top goals was a better quality business-life balance. With this in mind, Burkhart pointed out the benefits of moving from a home-based location to a new facility. “Of course, there were new financial concerns with new ongoing cost, but they were just not going to grow if they didn’t move,” Burkhart said.

With Burkhart’s help, The Door & Window Consultants underwent a major restructuring and rebranding effort, targeting a higher end market. This change has already delivered favorable results with the company landing larger contracts.

With growth and success stemming from his SBDC visits, Burger plans to continue to visit Burkart. “Michelle is a good listener and she helps us by setting specific dates to meet goals,” he said. Burkhart claims that Burger’s true reason for success is that he was ready and willing to “do the work” that is needed to grow.