In partnership with California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, the San Diego & Imperial Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Network helps Southwestern Community College students start and grow their Gig Economy businesses by:

  1. Providing no fee business consulting services
  2. Training and workshops for Gig Economy business growth
  3. Specialized informational videos for Gig Economy business
  4. Connecting student entrepreneurs to funding and local and statewide resources.

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Other Information about the Gig Economy:

As defined in the 2016 San Diego Workforce Partnership Report, “the “Gig Economy” is one of many terms that describe the current nature of the contingent or self-employed workforce. The Gig Economy includes the wide use of platforms—such as apps— to find “gigs” or short-term jobs in which self-employed workers respond to on-demand calls of customers.”

The Gig Economy is new and here to stay. The numbers of people joining the Gig Economy is rapidly increasing.  According to the McKinsey Global institute, 20%-30% of the country’s workforce is engaging in gig work activities. By 2020, it is estimated that 33%-50% of the workforce will be engaging in gig work.

Although the terms “gig work” or “Gig Economy” is yet to be widely known, you may already participated in the Gig Economy.  If you have ever gotten a ride through Uber and Lift, you rented the services of an independent contractor or business owner engaging with clients through platforms.

The Gig Economy is not limited to Uber and Lift. There are hundreds of platforms and apps where clients can hire skilled entrepreneurs for projects. There is everything from waiting in line for people, dog sitting, baby sitting, cleaning, gardening, graphic design, computer support, and many more gig jobs.

Gig work offers flexibility and income, that’s why Southwestern Community College and the San Diego & Imperial SBDC created Pathways to Employment in the Gig Economy. This programs offers:

  1. No fee 1-on-1 business advising
  2. No fee/low cost workshops
  3. Resources including a YouTube Playlist with tips to start your Gig Economy Business


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