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“The SBDC is incredibly important to entrepreneurs like me. I didn’t have any previous business experience, and I felt completely on my own. Now I am part of an entire community of people who have already gone down the path.”

– Tim Gerstman, President

Client Impact:

Areas of Assistance:

  • Capital Infusion: $60,000

  • Obtained Financing

  • Owner Investment: $10,000

  • Financial Projections

  • Sales Increase: $240,000

  • Loan Application

  • Jobs Created: 1.5

  • Business Plan

  • New Business Start

  • Digital Marketing

  • Permits & Licenses

Tim Gerstman, the Founder of Jerky’s Gourmet, was beginning a career in the public school system when his wife and business partner, Dria Gerstman, encouraged him to make a change and pursue his dream of starting a business.

The next step was to make it happen. The Gerstmans quickly learned that increasing the company’s wholesale business was the key to quick growth, but the wholesale channel brought challenges they had not experienced with consumer sales.

“Wholesale accounts typically pay 30 days upon delivery, and without the working capital to bridge the cash flow gap, we wouldn’t be able to grow,” said Tim.

The SBDC helped the Gerstmans obtain the financing they needed, and the company is now well on its way.

Description of Business:

Since its founding in 2016, Jerky’s Gourmet has created a rabid following for its premium, grass-fed beef jerky. The company’s various products can be found at retail locations throughout Southern California and also at the company’s website (

Use of Capital Infusion Funds:

The financing was utilized to resolve cash flow bottlenecks and increase production to expand its wholesale business.


Fallbrook, CA 92028