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“The SBDC’s advice and direction was invaluable in so many ways, including helping us obtain a significant four-year contract with MCCS Camp Pendleton. They put our company on an entirely different path.”

-Decarlos Daniels, CEO


Client Impact:

Areas of Assistance:

  • Increase in Sales: $3.85M

  • Secure Contracts

  • New Jobs: 5

  • Obtain Financing

  • Government Contracts: $108,000

  • Obtain Certifications

  • Capital Infusion: $10,000

  • Bid Submissions

  • Owner Investment: $10,000

When the owners of MD Commercial Cleaning, Massah Chatton and Decarlos Daniels, reached out to the SBDC in 2014, they were just beginning to investigate government contradicting as a new potential growth channel for their company.

Fast forward to the present: After significant assistance from the SBDC that amounted to an intensive “A-to-Z” education in the world of government contracting, it has now evolved into their main revenue driver and become the foundation of the company.

Description of Business:

A Native-American Owned Business that is DBE/SMBE/SB/MBE Certified, the company provides a variety of cleaning services to commercial and governmental clients in Southern California.

Use of Capital Infusion Funds:

The company utilized an owner investment to augment its working capital to accommodate contracts with the US Navy, Orange County and others.


Fallbrook, CA 92028