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Success Story: GroGuru

AgTech company GroGuru has developed the world’s first 100% wireless underground IoT platform that has the potential to be a game-changing solution for the commercial agriculture market.

Utilizing soil sensors and highly advanced technological innovations, GroGuru helps farmers monitor crop growing conditions and provides real-time irrigation recommendations that improve crop yields by 10% and decrease costs by nearly 20%.

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Use of Capital Infusion Funds

The financing is being used for product development, new staff, and working capital.

Areas of Assistance

Obtain Financing
Investor Introductions
Customer Introductions
Investor Pitch Deck
Pitch Practice

Economic Impact

Capital Infusion: $1.3M
Sales Increase: $350,000
Jobs Created: 3


La Jolla, CA 92037

Farooq Anjum, Co-Founder & CTO of GroGuru Inc.

“The Brink SBDC is providing an invaluable service to entrepreneurs by giving guidance and providing connections to both investors and customers. Events such as the San Diego Angel Conference are the icing on the cake, which spreads the spirit of entrepreneurship in the community by bringing entrepreneurs and new investors together, and resulted in an investment of over $100,000 for our company.”

Farooq Anjum, Co-Founder/CTO, GroGuru

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