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Success Story: Prodigi Kids

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, which perfectly illustrates the origin of Prodigi Kids.

When her daughter, Sophia, was 18 months old, Founder Karen Braveheart placed her daughter’s lunch on a “childproof” placemat that was “guaranteed” by its manufacturer to stay firmly attached to tables.

Up, up, it soared, until spaghetti and meatballs rained down on the unsuspecting gentleman at the next table over. As her daughter laughed (and she cried), Karen decided in that very moment to find a better way. And indeed she has, thanks to help from the SBDC including obtaining the necessary financing. See their full line of child-friendly products at

Use of Capital Infusion Funds

The financing was used to develop and manufacture the company’s initial product line.

Areas of Assistance

Investor Introductions
Obtained Financing
Financial Projections
Strategic Planning

Economic Impact

Capital Infusion: $45,000
New Business Start
Jobs Created: 1


San Diego, CA 92130

Karen Braveheart, Prodigi Kids; Success Stories

“Our SBDC advisor has been a great asset to Prodigi Kids, and I look forward to the SBDC’s continued help as we grow our company.”

Karen Braveheart, Founder & CEO, Prodigi Kids

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