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The SD/IV SBDC Network has developed a training specifically for the LGBTBE Biz Builder program entitled…….LET’S WORK IT!

The Goal of this interactive training is to provide resource information and business development support in order to assist LGBTE certified businesses in executing a successful diversity supplier program

This was designed with four modules and will be available on a quarterly basis throughout the year. After you are certified and take the trainings, you will also benefit from our no fee business consulting services to help in your on-going success.


MODULE ONE: LGBT Certification Made Easy….$$$$ Opportunities Within Reach!

In the world of supplier diversity contracting the hardest hurdle is to get certified. This training shows the how’s and why’s of not only LGBTBE certification, but also introduces you to the world of contracting. The opportunities are available on all levels in government but also in the corporate supplier diversity programs. The SBDC is there to break it down into easy to learn and practical steps. We have the resources to help you navigate this new revenue stream to make it happen.

MODULE TWO: Marketing & Solicitations….Where to Begin?

When you get certified you ask now what? This module will help you to work through the marketing and solicitation part of the process. How to connect with diversity suppliers, writing a capability statement, navigating an RFP (request for proposal), review the bidding system…all of the ways to execute your certification.

MODULE THREE: Numbers Don’t Lie….Contract Accounting!

How can you bid a project, or invoice properly, or analyze profitability if you are fearful of your numbers? You are not alone. So this module helps to not only understand your company numbers and how they are produced so you have a winning bid proposal; but also the nuances of contract accounting that include invoicing, set asides, payment schedules.

MODULE FOUR: Keeping Your Customers Happy…CRM Support 101

Our goal of this training is to provide CRM automation and project management tools that can assist you in keeping your customers connected to your business, helping to manage the ongoing projects, and filling that pipeline for seeking more business. We have the technology today to help the LGBTBE business owner to be more efficient with their time while keeping their clients connected and returning for more business!