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“The SBDC consulting team has become our trusted ‘go to’ resource for just about everything from strategic guidance to Go To Market strategy to funding advice. To top it off, they’ve made powerful connections to their vast networks that has brought us new customers and important industry connections. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them.”

– Nic Halverson, Waitz Founder/CEO

Client Impact:

Areas of Assistance:

  • Capital Infusion: $250,000
    Equity/Angel Investment

  • Negotiation Strategy/Analysis

  • Sales Increase: $37,000

  • Strategic Planning


  • Jobs Created: 1.5

  • Connections/Introductions


Launched in 2017 by recent engineering graduates of the University of California-San Diego, Waitz has developed cutting-edge “people counter” technology that utilizes Bluetooth and WiFi signal scanning to measure real-time and predicted foot traffic activity in campus environments such as college and corporate campuses.

Description of Business:

Led by founders Nic Halvorson and Max Topolsky, this dynamic young company has contracted within the University of California system to generate and deliver occupancy data with multiple applications of keen interest to any large campus including space management, emergency response, asset tracking and energy efficiency (www.ucsdwaitz.com).

Use of Capital Infusion Funds:

The company utilized its equity financing to hire new employees, relocate its offices, and fund further development of its technology.


San Diego, CA 92116